ABC for non-profit board (Online course)

03.11.2020 klo 18:00 - 10.11.2020 klo 20:00 / Koulutus/seminaari / Vihreä Sivistysliitto ry Opintokeskus Visio


Being in a board of a non-profit organisation is probably both harder and easier than you might think. An organisation must have its paperwork in order to be able to get funding and to work effectively. These routines form the base on which the organisation can build its activities. When administration is in order, the organisation can focus on fulfilling its vision and mission – in other words, do the work it was made to do.


  • What is a non-profit organisation? Why does your non-profit exist?
  • What regulates the activities: laws, rules etc.
  • Why administration is important: it effects funding and other decisions.
  • Roles and positions in a non-profit
  • Different kinds of meetings in a non-profit
  • Basics of financial administration: who is in the charge of what? What kind of tasks have to be made each year and how to plan them? What is the difference between project funding and other kinds of funding? Operating grants: how to get them and how to monitor them?

Target audience

Non-profit board members and other active members


Non-profit professional and blogger, MA Jenni Kallionsivu. Jenni Kallionsivu is active in several non-profits, both as an executive director, member of board and as a volunteer. She blogs about non-profits (in Finnish) in




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