– making welfare related organisations and civic activity visible is a national web portal which includes several parallel online services operating on different regional areas.

Each online service featured in the web portal is designed to make welfare related services easier to find, and to make it easier for citizens to get involved in civic activity. The web portal is especially aimed at

  • private citizens
  • organisation workers
  • representatives of schools or academies, and
  • authorities.

Content providers for – join us in producing content for the web portal

The content for the web portal is provided by

  • organisations and associations
  • communities
  • parishes
  • municipalities, and
  • non-profit businesses.

If you are an active participant in civic activities or organisations, you are entitled to upload an advertisement for a non-recurring event or a piece of news to the portal for free. If you are involved in reoccurring activities or events, we invite you to register free of charge at your regional online service and continue providing content for free. Please note that the instructions as well as the user interface of the service are in Finnish. – Let’s do this!

Each online service includes information on its content providers primarily in Finnish.

Explore our content providers to find out more about their

  • activities
  • events
  • vacant volunteer posts
  • jobs and internships
  • projects
  • venues, as well as
  • current affairs.

The web portal also provides information in Finnish to support organisations and civic activities in Finland.

Our regional parallel online services also feature content in other languages besides Finnish. These contents can include items such as introductions for services or events.

The motto for the web portal, ‘Let’s do this’, portrays the idea of making the activities visible and participating in them actively. We invite you to find the most interesting activities and events in the web portal and get involved!

The regional online services included in the web portal

The web portal consists of the national online service as well as parallel regional online services including

  • Uusimaa region: (service provider EJY ry)
  • South-East Finland: (service provider Kymen-Karjalan sosiaali- ja terveysturva ry)
  • Central Finland: (service provider Keski-Suomen Yhteisöjen Tuki ry)
  • Lapland: (service provider Lapin sosiaali- ja terveysturvayhdistys ry)
  • North Karelia: (service provider Pohjois-Karjalan Sosiaaliturvayhdistys ry)
  • Northern Ostrobothnia: (service provider Pohjois-Pohjanmaan sosiaali- ja terveysturvayhdistys ry) and (service provider Vuolle Setlementti ry).
  • Northern Savonia: ( service providor Pohjois-Savon sosiaaliturvayhdistys ry)
  • Tavastia Proper: (service providor Hämeen setlementti ry)
  • Päijänne-Tavastia: (service providor Päijät-Hämeen hyvinvointipalveluiden kehitys ry)
  • Pirkanmaa region: (service providor Artteli ry)
  • Ostrobothnia: (service providor Pohjanmaan yhdistykset ry)

In 2020 the network entity will grow with the following new regional web services:

  • Kainuu region: (service providor Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliiton Kainuun piiri ry)

See the regional online services in the presentation. The content featured in these online services in mainly in Finnish.

The administration of the web portal

The web portal is administered by each of the service providers. Please email us in Finnish, Swedish or English in case you

  • need help in producing content or
  • wish to find out more about the service.

Any feedback or new ideas concerning the web portal can be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English by using a form.

Developing the Web Portal

The web portal is being developed from 2016 to 2018 by the Toimeksi 2.0 project funded by Sosiaali- ja terveysjärjestöjen avustuskeskus  (STEA, the centre for welfare and health related organisations, known as Finland’s Slot Machine Association until 01/01/2017). The project is coordinated by Pohjois-Pohjanmaan sosiaali- ja terveysturvayhdistys ry. The development of the project is also carried out by the network which consists of the service providers for the web portal. More information on the Toimeksi 2.0 project (in Finnish).

Background of the Web Portal

The web portal at was launched in the beginning of 2013. The web portal has been developed in collaborations of multiple organisations and it has been funded by Finland’s Slot Machine Association.

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